Monday, 29 October 2012

Types of Help Desk Softwares: Cloud Based and Self Hosted

Types of Help Desk Softwares: Cloud Based and Self Hosted

Today’s help desk software solutions are available in two forms: cloud-based and self-hosted.

Cloud Based Help Desk Softwares

Cloud-based systems are hosted on servers outside of an organization and are located entirely online. These applications are typically ready to use as soon as the service has been purchased and a company account has been created. They do, however, require customization, such as branding and optional user interface design, for example.

Self Hosted Help Desk Softwares

Self-hosted systems, on the other hand, are hosted on a company’s servers and must be installed on each computer in the organization.

Comparison between Cloud Based and Self Hosted Help Desk Softwares

Self-hosted systems are decreasing in popularity due to the cloud. In comparison to cloud-based solutions, self-hosted systems generally cost more to set up, require more deployment time, are more difficult to manage, and offer less scalability, meaning that they may not be able to meet the needs of an organization as it grows. For small organizations or companies with lower annual revenues, most self-hosted systems are financially unfeasible.

Cloud-based software is typically more flexible than self-hosted software, so it can support a growing company’s needs. These solutions also tend to offer frequent product updates, ongoing access to professional support, and users are able to log into the system from anywhere at any time with full access to all of the software’s features, which makes this solution particularly attractive to companies with employees who travel or are located in multiple locations. Cloud-based systems are typically far less expensive than competing self-hosted systems and generally require less deployment time.

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