Monday, 15 October 2012

6 Key Elements You Must Know While Writing Your Resume

A potential resume accentuates your achievements, your wok experience and educational qualifications along side escalating your expertise and dynamism. In today’s competitive world, even the best of educational qualification will not get you the job; you will have to persuade the recruiter during the interview. Your resume is a declaration of facts intended to highlight your exceptional combination of comprehension & talent to convince your employer.

1. Academic qualifications can build a striking resume. List them in reverse sequence, i.e., from most recent to least resent. If you are doing some part time or specialization at present, highlight it. Stating the year of graduation and post graduation is wise.

2. Accentuate your achievements. For successfully getting an interview call highlight all the reasons why must he call you in? It is your résumé’s crisp, attractive information that will persuade recruiter to call you for the interview. It’s the section to openly say why you are the best contender for this job!

3. State individually the Summer Training, Work Shops, Corporate Projects under taken. You must emphasize on all the areas clearly. Don’t mix them under one heading. Remember you will not assist the reader. He will read just as you have written. They will give you an edge if set correctly.

4. Glorifying your co-curricular achievements is a good step. This is one section where we must know how to restrict the information we are providing. Just don’t list all the little debate competitions you have attended. Just mention the prestigious ones where you have scored a good position. It can be in sports, arts, etc. this section will depict you as an all-rounder. When called for interview, remember carrying along all your certificates of achievement.

5. References will back bone your resume. Someone senior from the same organization or your previous job can refer you for the job. This section will give your recruiter a chance to find about you. Make sure you give the correct contact no. of the person(s) you are naming under reference section.

6. Providing correct Contact Information is a must. Contact Information will allow your recruiter to contact you for further after going through your resume. So must give correct and complete postal mailing address, e-mail address, permanent residence phone number, your mobile phone number, etc. Don’t change mobile phone numbers during this time. And keep checking your e- mails regularly.

Remember there is no worth of a general resume any more. The jobs today are specific and so must the résumé’s be. Make sure your resume is altered according to requirements of the job you are seeking.This is the first step for getting an interview call!

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