Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Learn to maintain a balance between Work and Family

Can you be a great leader and have a life, home, family too?

The answer is of course, an obvious yes. A mark of every great leader is that they know how to effectively divide their time, they know how to maintain a just work-home life balance.

Someone once said that time was like a suitcase, some can pack in more, while others just throw in whatever makes itself fit. A mark of a great leader is that they take the time to plan ahead for things that count, and are therefore able to keep up with both their commitments to their jobs as well as to their families.

A leader who has become great, did not manage to do so overnight. There has never been a great ‘overnight’ leader.

Great leaders have had to grow and mature to reach the stage they are at today. Had it not been for the years perhaps, of training and learning to dedicate time to that which counted, they may very well not be worthy of being called a ‘great leader’ today.

In short, yes, great leaders can have ‘a life’ too.

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