Monday, 29 October 2012

15 Benefits / Advantages of an Online Help Desk Software to an Organization / Company

15 Benefits / Advantages of an Online Help Desk Software to an Organization / Company

Help desk software, when implemented correctly, can streamline the support process, leading to lower resolution times and increased customer satisfaction, which in turn boosts customer retention. There are several benefits to deploying a centralized help desk:

1. Support agents have access to a central knowledge base containing all of the company’s product and customer information.
2. Agents can search the entire knowledge base, including articles and previous support tickets, for an answer by typing in relevant keywords or phrases.
3. Clients can seek answers to their questions without contacting an agent by searching the knowledge base.
4. Tickets can easily be created by both customers and support representatives through the help desk’s ticketing system.
5. When creating a support ticket, a customer can automatically be prompted to fill in required information regarding their request to expedite the support process.
6. Emails will be routed through the help desk first, so agents will not have to worry about support requests mistakenly being marked as spam.
7. Automated responses can be emailed to clients as soon as a request is received.
8. Support tickets can automatically be created from emails.
9. Support tickets can easily be created during a customer call by utilizing the software’s search and auto-population features.
10. Support issues can automatically or manually be assigned to an agent, decreasing or eliminating agent collision.
11. Agents can easily view all of their open, closed, and pending support requests.
12. Clients are able to provide instant feedback regarding their satisfaction with the support process.
13. Agents can monitor their performance ratings and can also track their average response and resolution times.
14. Agents can easily track what the hottest support issues are, allowing them to create new knowledge base articles that target clients’ needs.
15. Clients can rate knowledge base articles, allowing agents to improve confusing or unhelpful support articles.

Organizations typically rely on help desk software to improve the efficiency of their agents, whether it’s during a support call or through an email, by giving them access to a centralized database of highly organized company and client information. The help desk also records and tracks all support issues, allowing agents to quickly track every support issue that needs to be resolved and pull from a growing database of pre-recorded responses, leading to lower resolution times and increasing customer satisfaction. Many companies find that increased efficiency actually leads to regular cost savings, since the number of additional employees needed for support can be minimized.

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