Monday, 1 October 2012

Do’s and Don’ts of e-Marketing

If you thought e-mail addresses were all about expressing your quirky side, think again. E-mail addresses, especially if your business has a definite web presence, can not only affect your bussiness reputation but also help solidify relationships. A good e-mail address is the first step in e-maketing.

Not only is e-mail marketing cheap and secure, but it’s also the most easily available direct marketing tool, giving you a global reach. Even more important, the cost associated with e-mail marketing are minimal. As an organised enough marketer, you will already have a list of e-mail recipients interested in your products and/or services. Whatever cost there are will be of copywriting company advertisement and inserting any graphic into it.

All this aside, the most obvious disadvantage of e-mail marketing is the possibility of it being seen as spam. The deluge of spam is the main reason that e-mail with suspicious addresses are immediately killed. That’s why the e-mail address is so important.

The first important thing to consider is creating your own domain. If your business requires or will require a definite web presence, then a specific domain name will do wonders in helping you reach out to your target market. When an e-mail comes in from a generic free e-mail provider, it is unclear if your business is genuine. A good domain specific e-mail identity gives people the chance to view your websites and make up their minds whether or not they want to do business with you .

Have a contact list, ideally consisting of your regular customers who have agreed to recieve your informative e-mails.

Consider too, the content of the e-mails. Don’t make a hardcore sales pitch; that should be left for a later stage. At this point the e-mail should merely highlight your products and services. It should be interesting and colorful enough to draw the readers to at least closely see what your offering is all about.

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