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Accu Conference - Conference Calling Service Provider Features Review

Accu Conference - Conference Calling Service Provider Features Review

This article provides a detailed review of the ' Accu Conference' Conference Calling Service Provider . It lists various features and business benefits of 'Accu Conference' Conference Calling Service Provider.

The conference calling features that AccuConference provides include audio broadcast, multiparty videoconferencing, 24-hour system access and a participant list. They have incorporated blocked entry, which allows the host or presenter to require participants to enter a password before joining a meeting. The features also include multiple presenter controls, which make it possible for multiple people to hold host controls and present a portion of the meeting. A spontaneous meeting can host 50 participants; a reserved one can hold 1,000 participants. There is no limit on the amount of time one can last, and when it’s over the host simply has to end the conference call. When you use AccuConference your meeting is recorded and available for replay. You can send the conference call recording to someone who was unable to attend or replay the entire recording or portions for yourself.

File Sharing:

Often a host has several topics to address in a single conference call. For this purpose document sharing has been created. Through document sharing hosts can share specified documents with the participants that allow them to view the same document the host is talking about on their own computer screen. Sharing can also be done with applications and desktops. If an application is necessary the host has the control to share that application so all the participants have access to it. A single desktop can also be shared and participants will then view the same computer screen. Hosts are given full control and determine what visuals they will share with participants. Documents, software apps and desktops are all shared in real time so everyone can remain on the same page.

Interactive Abilities:

The interactive abilities of a meeting make it feel like everyone is in the same room. During the call a host can request to take a poll on a specific subject matter. Through AccuConference the poll results are delivered immediately to show the host or presenter the opinion of the audience. A hand raising feature is also provided, which allows participants to alert the host or presenter when they have a comment or question. The host, through the audio and video options, can turn on sound to the participant so everyone can hear their query. One of the most desirable features for web calling is the whiteboard. The whiteboard functions like a whiteboard you would use in an office. It allows people to jot down notes or pictures to better illustrate a point – within a moment it can be wiped clean and more notes can be made.

A post-meeting report of the conference call is provided to the host or presenter of all the individuals who joined the meeting and the time that they joined. AccuConference also provides chat and survey capabilities which allow participants the opportunity to be more involved in the meeting. There are two different chat options provided: the first is open chat which allows all involved to read the comments made in chat and the second is called the Q mode. The latter allows participants to submit questions or comments that will only be seen by the host. Hosts can also send out surveys pre or post conference (or both) that allow participants to give their opinion or to ask questions and judge the effectiveness of the meeting.

Ease of Use:

The AccuConference customer site is well designed and easy to navigate. The service page has a menu across the top providing navigation to Live Calls, Account Information, Conference Manager, Recordings, Billing and 800 Forwarding. The live call summary provides a list of live conference calls scheduled for your account. The Account information allows you to access your account information and your account profile.

The conference manager allows you to create a reservationless conference call, a scheduled conference call and view expired conference calls. Through the conference manager you can also schedule audio calls and view your accounting codes. All recordings from previous conferences are also available through the customer site. The recordings tab will store recordings for 30 days before they are no longer available for replay; however, you can save the .WAV file to your computer to store for as long as you deem necessary. Every feature and option available for web conference calling is as easy to select and use as the main menu on the customer site. Once a call has been created it can be selected, edited and web survey questions created.

Help & Support:

Countless times we tested their customer support team by requesting information on features, questioning the different plans, requiring help signing up and utilizing their services. Each time we contacted their customer support team we were connected within a minute to a representative that was able to answer our questions and assist us with our array of questions and mock problems. The representatives were patient when we didn’t have the information we needed at hand, knowledgeable about their features and services and explained things simply so we were able to follow along. Their chat is available 20 hours a day, 7 days a week; representatives are unavailable from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. CT. We felt like the interface of their chatting services was the most advanced system that we tested. It was uncluttered, easy to use and provided a bar to let you know that you were being connected to the next available representative.

In addition to their online contact, AccuConference offers a toll-free phone number that will also connect users to the customer support representatives. Users also have the option to email customer support. Users are able to select the most convenient way for them and get a quick response from the team.

The frequently asked questions provided are broken down into three categories: AccuConference Services, Using AccuConference and General. You must click on a question to retrieve the answer you are looking for. The answers appear in the same window that the questions are listed and allow the user to open as many questions as desired without hassle or stress. The questions covered each topic we could have hoped for to help us use their services. Although the services are easy to use, the questions are useful for first-time conference call hosts and presenters.


After reviewing a number of conference calling services, few compared to AccuConference. With the advanced design, features and abilities it was without a doubt one of the best conference call services we found. It is powerful and easy to use, giving you the power to create high-quality conference calls that are both beneficial and productive.

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