Saturday, 3 November 2012

How to Set Up Verizon 3 Way Conference Calling?

How to Set Up Verizon Three Way Conference Calling?

This articles describes the various steps to set up 3 way verizon conference calling services.

The conference calling feature available with Verizon's residential phone service enables three-way calling. As a Verizon residential customer, you can use this feature on a per-call basis or subscribe as part of your monthly plan. Conference calling allows you to add a third person to your phone call. You will need to activate the feature before you use it.

Step 1

Lift the handset of your Verizon residential phone and dial the first party you want to talk to. Wait for the first party to answer the call. You can proceed to the next step at any time during your conversation with the first party.

Step 2

Press your Verizon phone's "Flash" or "Hook" button. You will hear three short tones and then a standard dial tone.

Step 3

Dial the party that you want to add to the conference call. Wait for this third party to answer the phone. The first party that you called will remain on hold until you proceed to the next step, and cannot hear the conversation between you and the third party until you have completed the next step.

Step 4

After the third party has answered, press your Verizon phone's "Flash" or "Hook" button again to connect all parties to the conference call.


Hang up your phone to disconnect all parties. You can also press the "Flash" or "Recall" button on your phone to disconnect the last party that you called while remaining on the line with the first party you called.

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