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AT Conference - Conference Calling Service Provider Features Review

AT Conference - Conference Calling Service Provider Features Review

This article provides a detailed review of the ' AT Conference' Conference Calling Service Provider . It lists various features and business benefits of 'AT Conference' Conference Calling Service Provider.

One of the major features provided through this conference call system is meeting recording and replay. Their conference call services allow the meeting to be recorded and later downloaded for replay or to share. The system can accommodate 100 participants on a spontaneous call; for more than 100 participants the host will need to reserve a time. The meeting can last as long as the host deems necessary. They do not, however, allow for the conference call presenter to pass control to the guests and they don't support multiparty video conferencing. They also are missing an interactive white board.

File Sharing:

The conference call services make it possible for hosts to upload a document before the meeting or to share a document in real time during the conference. A desktop can be shared and all participants will view the same documents, applications or windows that are opened at that time. The host has full control of what the participants view and what application is open on the desktop.

Interactive Abilities:

The interactive abilities are easy to locate and easy to use. Hosts and presenters are able to create an online poll that is sent to their participants, and results are tallied in real time. Once the polling has ended, the results can be shared immediately with participants. The interface is well designed and has an area designated to a participant list, virtual hand raising and chats. The chat feature can be an open chat where all participants are able to chat with one another or a closed chat where the participants can only chat with the host.

Ease of Use:

Once you have signed up through the AT Conference website you will receive an email welcoming you to their service. Included in the email will be conferencing instructions as well as links to the login page for web conferencing. Your host and participant number will be included so you can begin scheduling conferences.

The interface is well designed and easy to use. Once you have logged in as the host you will notice a toolbar across the top of your window. Each tool is represented by an icon and is also labeled underneath. On the right-hand side of the screen there is also a video feed for your webcam, chat functions, virtual hand raising notifications and an area where you can invite participants to join your conference.

Help & Support:

The AT Conference website provides a toll-free phone number for members to call regarding technical difficulties or questions regarding the conference call service. We called to ask questions on some of the basic features that they offer; our call was promptly received and we were connected with a friendly representative who was more than happy to answer our questions regarding the service. We also used the email address they provided on their website to contact a representative regarding their service. All of our questions were addressed in an email response 20 minutes later.


The interface does not provide a large assortment of conference call services; however, it does provide ease and simplicity. Our largest complaint with the service is that although you can see the host, there is no audio broadcast so there is no way to hear what they are saying. We will provide praise that everything was so easy to use—polling, sharing a document or desktop, and the other features they offer. Overall AT Conference provides good conference call services but is not the best conference call system we found.

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