Saturday, 3 November 2012

How to Get Free Conference Call Services?

How to Get Free Conference Call Services?

If you need to set up a conference call, you can get free conference call services online. Free conference call services are particularly handy if you need to schedule conference calls on a regular basis. Using free conference calls services is generally easy, and you can find services that are not gimmicks. Here is how to get free conference call services.


1. Define what your conference call needs are. Will all participants in the free conference call be telephoning from a continental United States number? How much advance notice do you need to set up a conference call? Do you want a free conference call service that enables you to begin a conference call on short notice?

2. Explore your free conference call services options. One of the best ways to do this quickly is to type “free conference call setup” into a search engine and review several of the options that appear. Some of the descriptions included in the search engine descriptors will tell you if a particular free conference calling service is the right match for you.

3. Check up on the free conference call service. Type the name of the free conference call service that you are considering into a search engine and read over what information is returned. If you see a lot of people writing about being displeased with that particular service, then you might want to consider using another free conference call service.

4. Ask which free conference call service your peers recommend. My partners and I have been very pleased with Basement Ventures. We have been using it for a long time, and we have never had to pay any type of hidden fee.

5. Follow the directions provided on the free conference call service’s website. Once you select a free conference call service, you need to set up your account. Most free conference call services will let you do this from the website.

6. Save the information that the free conference call service provides. You will be given a dial-in number, which is the phone number that all participants will dial. All participants will also need the bridge number, which tells the free conference call service which people are calling for which particular conference. You will also need the moderator number, which is the number you will punch in to begin the conference call.

7. Hold a conference call. As the moderator, you should sign in about 10 minutes early. You will dial the dial-in number. When the phone connects, enter the bridge number and then the moderator number. As each participant arrives, you will hear a chime letting you know that somebody has joined the conference call.

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