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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Professional RAID Data Recovery Services Provider - DATARECOVERY.COM

Professional RAID Data Recovery Services Provider - DATARECOVERY.COM

This article provide details of one of the leading professional RAID Data Recovery Services Providers - DATARECOVERY.COM. We will discuss the profile of DATARECOVERY.COM and various features and benefits of DATARECOVERY.COM. They provide services like RAID Disk Recovery, Window RAID Recovery, Disk Internal RAID Recovery, RAID File Recovery etc.


DATARECOVERY.COM was formed in 1996 as ESS Data Recovery, and incorporated in 1999. As one of the first data recovery companies in the world, DATARECOVERY.COM has developed technology used in every major recovery laboratory and has consistently researched and implemented new data recovery methods and techniques. With five labs - in Minnesota, Illinois, California, Arizona, and Ontario Canada - DATARECOVERY.COM services thousands of clients worldwide. DATARECOVERY.COM is one of the only data recovery companies to offer 24/7 service, as well as more economically feasible services for clients that are more concerned with cost than speed of recovery.

DATARECOVERY.COM recovery rate has led the industry as each of our laboratories has developed and implemented firmware repair tools, clean flow benches, and other technologies. DATARECOVERY.COM has the capacity to handle large RAID arrays, data tapes, flash media, and any brand of desktop or laptop hard drive.

Major clients have included NASA, Sprint, Lockheed Martin, and Microsoft.

From hard drives to RAID & SAN storage arrays -when you require the most successful data recovery service and lightning-fast turnaround, put DATARECOVERY.COM on your short-list.
DATARECOVERY.COM employs the best data recovery engineers, the safest technology available, and affordable pricing.

Contact Details: Call at 1.800.237.4200

Features and Benefits of DATARECOVERY.COM

1. Outstanding service
2. 100% money-back guarantee
3. Superior capabilities and experience
4. Rates as low as $100 (floppy disks)
5. Online case status lookup for 24/7 status of your case
6. Federal standard 209E certified cl.100 clean-rooms
7. Warranty-safe services
8. World-class technology
9. No evaluation fees
10. On-line case set-up
11. 100% confidentiality guaranteed
12. Several service options including 24/7 and on-site
13. On-line status lookup
14. Free UPS shipping and packaging within the U.S.
15. Fast. Affordable. Reliable.


1. Call at 1.800.237.4200, or submit a case online; they will assess your situation and recommend a service option.

2. Drop-off or ship your hard drive to one of their data recovery labs, or bring your drive to your nearest UPS store.

3. Their skilled Engineers provide a free quote, and with your approval, they recover your data, backing it
up onto the medium of your choice.

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