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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Live Meeting Conference Calling Service Provider Features Review

Live Meeting Conference Calling Service Provider Features Review

This article provides a detailed review of the  Live Meeting Conference Calling Service Provider . It lists various features and business benefits of  Live Meeting Conference Calling Service Provider 

Live Meeting is one of the most capable conference call services available for large businesses. Each web conference can hold up to 1250 participants, and if more is required then the customer support team can make it possible for additional participants to join. There is no time limit on the conferences so you won’t get kicked off if your conference runs over your prescheduled hour. In addition to audio broadcast you also have access to conference call services such as multiparty video conferencing through the Live Meeting system.

File Sharing:

Understanding the importance of conference call services is one of the strengths Live Meeting has to offer. With abilities to upload handouts for your conference participants to download and use, the conference call services make it possible for you to share or upload a variety of different files for immediate transfer. Once you are finished with a document you can delete it from the system or continue to make it available throughout the conference. Through the main menu users can share a program or desktop, start remote desktop sharing or share a feature like whiteboard, poll, text page, webpage or screen shot. We were impressed with the collaboration that Live Meeting provides through their sharing capabilities.

Interactive Abilities:

One of the most unique interactive features available through Live Meeting is their feedback icon. The feedback icon allows conference call participants to select a status to alert the host when a problem arises. The feedback options are color coded and provide the following information: red is displayed when someone needs help; blue is displayed when someone can’t hear; yellow is displayed when the host is requested to slow down; purple is displayed when the participant has a question; and green is displayed to alert the host they may precede. We felt this feature was more detailed and innovative than the virtual hand raising that we saw in other web conferencing services.

Ease of Use:

After the web program wouldn’t work with our computer, we opted to download and install Windows Live Meeting to our computer. Once we had completed the download, the program worked instantly. There were more steps in this program than in any other to access and log in to the web conferencing system. Although they provided excellent step-by-step tutorials, it was still confusing in more than one place. Once we were logged in it took a fair amount of time for the conferencing window to open.

The design of this conference call interface made the program look empty. Across the top of the window is a menu that allows users to access content, attendees list, voice & video, Q&A, meeting and recording options. Once you open the drop-down menus you see that there is a plethora of additional options that you can now use in your web conferences. Overall the program is easy to navigate, and once the users get accustomed to the location of each of the tools they will have no problem accessing them quickly when they need them.

Help & Support:

Live Meeting provides a large assortment of help and technical support options to assist users in making the most of the services they offer. Their website provides a user guide, tutorials, chat support, an email address and a toll free phone number that you can use to contact a customer support representative. We found the chat option to be the most beneficial. The chat representative answered all of our questions almost immediately except for two or three when they needed a minute to find the answer. The phone was also an effective way to contact the technical support team. We were connected within 10 minutes to a customer support representative who was also more than willing to answer our questions and guide us to a solution for our problems.

Live Meeting does a great job guiding users with step-by-step instructions to accomplish their task at hand. This conference calling program offer pages of details each time you have an inquiry, and they provide several options knowing that you may have a different desired outcome than another user. We found the instructions very beneficial and we definitely used them as we set up and logged into the program.


We found Live Meeting to be a solid web conferencing program. It provides excellent web conferencing quality in every feature, tool and help resource provided. The company stands behind their product and helped us know that we made a smart choice selecting them. The reason this web conference service comes in fourth place is because the other services we reviewed were more geared specifically toward teleconferencing.

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