Monday, 19 November 2012

What is Cloud Hosting? What are Cloud Hosting Benefits and Applications?

What is Cloud Hosting? What are Cloud Hosting Benefits and Applications?

Cloud hosting is based on the most innovative Cloud computing technologies that allow unlimited number of machines to act as one system. Other hosting solutions (shared hosting or dedicated hosting) depend on one machine only, while cloud hosting security is guaranteed by many servers. The cloud technology allows easy integration of extra resources, such as space or RAM and thus enable website growth.

Cloud Hosting Benefits

1. Highest level of website performance guaranteed by multiple machines
2. Guaranteed server resources (CPU, RAM)
3. Redundant data storage
4. No single point of failure
5. Website growth flexibility
6. Lower pricing and generous features

Cloud Hosting Application

Cloud Hosting is suitable for all kinds of web applications. It is most preferred for the following cases:

1. Resource-hungry applications. If the application requires a lot of CPU, Memory and / or time to run. Sometimes only a certain application option may require longer timeout in order to complete successfully. In such cases cloud hosting is the most affordable solution.

2. Cloud Hosting ensures enough resources for middle level needs. For example, a forum with 100 000 users with more than 100 users online simultaneously should be handled without problems on a cloud server.

3. Applications requiring special server configuration. Some web applications may require non-standard settings (at least non-standard for the shared hosting industry) such as PHP running as Apache module. In such cases a cloud server can be used and configured in every way to fulfill any requirements.

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