Friday, 2 November 2012

Business Managed Video Conference Calling Solutions and Services

Business Managed Video Conference Calling Solutions and Services

Business Managed Video Conference Calling Solutions and Services are not just about cutting travel costs, actually these enable you to deliver on important organizational goals. By turning on the cam, you can motivate, provide advice, solve problems and even make stiffer sales targets seem easily achievable. With Business Managed Video Conference Calling Solutions and Services, you can help your people achieve more which creates more smiles per cubicle.

Here's why Business Managed Video Conference Calling Solutions and Services is ideal for companies and organizations:
1. Easy to operate and trouble free video conferencing service.The Managed Video Conference Service is as easy as the touch of a button. Elaborate setting up and complicated operations are distractions for a busy executive and technical break while collaborating can be very embarrassing for the customer.
2. Commitment, delivery and evaluation - one standard, many joys.Different SLAs versus one integrated SLA, obviously you would prefer the latter as it will make life much easier for you. The Managed Video Conference Service from airtel offers:
3. An integrated SLA, which means you can avail network, hardware and VC bridge service
4. High-definition video conferencing service. A video conference has to be without distortions of any sort. A grainy, distorted presentation by your team is not good for collaboration.

5. 24X7 Customer Call Service   

6. Easy to understand guides and training ensure a user friendly experience. Additionally other value added services include Operator Assistance, Dial-in/Dial-out, CD recording and Q&A sessions.


  1. Nowadays we really need to have something that will connect us to other people due to busy days on work or even out of town. Through video conferencing we can communicate to other people and we can actually see them through video. I'm glad that this kind of technology is available now in the market. Thanks.

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  2. Yup, Through Video conferencing software we can communicate to other people. Reduced traveling expenses plus hotel stay charges.We have Smarter and profitable Sales trainings and regular face to face leading to improved Productivity.

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