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How to choose a Professional RAID Data Recovery Service Provider?

How to choose a Professional RAID Data Recovery Service Provider?

This article describes various things which you need to keep in mind while choosing a Professional RAID Data Recovery Service Provider. We will describe various certifications of a Professional RAID Data Recovery Service Provider.

If you are here, chances are you have lost something very important—and you want it back. Data recovery is a delicate business, but two things are certain: the first recovery attempt is the best opportunity for success; and the recovery company you choose can greatly impact the outcome.

At first glance, most data recovery companies appear to offer the same level of services and security. Though many claim to have all the capabilities of a professional data recovery service, upon closer examination, the majority fall short.

Every RAID Data Recovery Company Should Have:

1. Manufacturer Authorization

If a recovery service meets their criteria, technology manufacturers will authorize a data recovery company to open and work on their devices without voiding the original warranty.

2. ISO 5 Certified Cleanroom

There is a great deal of difference between ISO 9001 and ISO 14644-1 certification. DriveSavers is the only data recovery company in the world with an ISO 5 (Class 100) cleanroom that has been audited and certified to meet ISO 14644-1 standards.

3. Data Security During Data Recovery

If sensitive data is being recovered, maintaining a high level of security during the recovery process isn’t an option, it’s a requirement. The data recovery company should have proof that your data will be safe and secure while it is at their facility.

4. SOC 2 Type II Audit Report

Any company can say they provide data security, but only the SOC 2 Type II Audit Report guarantees it.

5. HIPAA Security Compliance – Tested & Trusted

Any business partner, vendor and service provider that handles protected health information must comply with HIPAA guidelines. DriveSavers has undergone HIPAA security audits and is compliant with all 42 HIPAA security standards.

6. Encryption Recovery Certification

There are hundreds of encryption tools out there and each one is unique. If the integrity of your encrypted data is a concern, make sure your recovery company has technicians who are trained and certified experts in multiple encryption recovery techniques and processes.

The Bottom Line

Is your data important to you? Don’t be a victim of low prices and false promises.

Before choosing a data recovery service, demand proof of their technology, security and experience. If they can’t prove it, you may lose it—forever!

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