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Basics of Online Conference Calling Management Services

Basics of Online Conference Calling Management Services

This article answers some of the commonly asked questions about management of online conference calling like moderators, muting and unmuting the calls, accessing a conference call line, handling echo while conference call, increase and decrease the volume of conference call etc.

1. Who is the moderator?

A moderator is the organizer of the conference call. Using a special code, the moderator opens the conference line, allowing other callers to dial in. 
2. Who are participants and attendees?

A participant or attendee is anyone invited by the moderator to participate in the conference call. Participants access the conference line by entering their participant code, which is provided by the moderator in the invitation.  

3. How does a participant access the conference line?

Participants simply:

1. Call the conference bridge number
2. Enter their pass code
3. Confirm the day, date, and time of the call

It is important that participants not call the conference bridge number early or at any other time than that which is scheduled; access to the conference line is only available as arranged for by the moderator. The correct pass code must be entered to gain access.  

4. What should be done to avoid echoing in the conference call?

In the rare event that echoing occurs during your call, there is usually an easy solution.
Be sure that all callers have connected using their own line; neither participants nor moderators should use three-way calling during the conference.

In addition, each person should call in separately to maintain the high quality of the teleconference line.

If an echo occurs only while a particular participant talks, that individual should hang up and reconnect.  

5. How do I mute and un-mute during a call?

By pressing *6 on the telephone, you can utilize the mute function during a call. To get back to your call, press *6 again. 
6. How do I increase of decrease the volume on all lines?
Simply press * 4 to increase the volume by +1Db, up to 3 times. If you keep pressing the same, it will go down by -1 Db. Once you finish your call, your phone will go back to 0Db automatically.  

7. Can the moderator end the call before scheduled?

At any time, the moderator can press “##” to end the conference immediately.
8. How can I change the conference line to lecture or listen-only mode?

Only the moderator can change the call to lecture mode. When the moderator presses * 5, the system will play a tone and then place all participant lines (except the moderator’s line) into listen-only mode.To get back to normal mode the Moderator should press * 5 again.

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