Saturday, 3 November 2012

How to Find Free Conference Call Services?

How to Find Free Conference Call Services?

Conference calling services can be used to talk to people who are spread out all over the country or even around the world. Many conference calling services will allow you to have 30, 100, 250 or more people on the line at the same time.You might want to hold a business meeting, get together with family members or host a teleseminar.

Some telephone conferencing services have per-minute or monthly charges, but there are many quality services that are totally free. There are dozens of free conference calling services available, so how do you choose one that is right for you? Just follow these simple steps.


1. Determine what services you need. How many people will be on the call? How long will the conference be? Do you need to record the teleconference? How will you manage callers?

2. Evaluate free conference call services to find the one that meets your requirements. You can find an annotated list of 30 free providers at the link in the Resources below.

3. Choose a few service providers that meet your needs. Sign up for free accounts. Be sure to keep a record of the call-in numbers and PIN codes that you will need to use when you call in.

4. Test, test, test. Always test a service before using it for an important meeting or a teleseminar. And have a backup service available in case you need it.

5. Invite participants and hold your conference call. If you recorded the call, download the audio file right away. It may only be available for a week or two.

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