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Professional RAID 5 Data Recovery Services Providers

Professional RAID 5 Data Recovery Services Providers

This article explains the basics of RAID 5 data recovery. We will define RAID 5 data recovery technically. We will also provide a comprehensive list of 11 top and popular professional RAID 5 data recovery services providers.

RAID 5 is one of the most common configurations. This array uses the same parity calculation as a RAID 3, however, instead of placing all of the parity on a single drive, it distributes it throughout all of the hard disks.

A RAID 5 configuration offers the best combination of data backup, media capacity and overall performance. A RAID 5 configuration strips all available drives into a single, large volume space, equal to one of the hard drives, and is used to store parity data.

If correctly configured, when one hard drive fails, it will use the parity data to rebuild your data. A RAID 5 configuration needs a minimum of 3 hard drives.

Another backup option a RAID 5 configuration offers is hot spare, which reserves an additional hard drive to take over immediately after the failure of another drive.

Total RAID capacity is calculated by subtracting the space of two hard drives from the sum of all the hard drives. If you want to use hot spare with RAID 5, you must have a minimum of 4 hard drives.

11 Top and Popular Professional RAID 5 Data Recovery Services Providers:

1. Data Recovery
2. Drive Savers Data Recovery
3. Secure Data Recovery
4. Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery
5. Salvage Data Recovery
6. Stellar Data Recovery
7. CBL Data Recovery
8. DataTech Labs Data Recovery
9. Secure Data Technology Data Recovery
10. R-Studio Technology
11. ADRC Data Recovery

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