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Conference Calls - Conference Calling Service Provider Features Review

Conference Calls - Conference Calling Service Provider Features Review

This article provides a detailed review of the ' Conference Calls' Conference Calling Service Provider . It lists various features and business benefits of 'Conference Calls' Conference Calling Service Provider.

Even though their conference call services do not provide the amount of features that other services provide they still offer some competition. The features that are offered are extremely easy to use and provide excellent quality for your calls. In addition to blocked entry the call system includes a participant list of users who have signed on to your meeting, multiple presenter controls where you can pass host control to another participant and conference recording and replay which allows you to record your meeting for future use or replay.

File Sharing:

Through their services hosts have the option to file share or transfer files to their participants. The service allows documents, spreadsheets, presentations, applications and entire desktops to be shared and appear on all participants’ computers. The host or presenter has full control of the audio, video and desktop display of each conference.

Interactive Abilities:

Although they do not supply a virtual whiteboard, they do provide interactive polling and survey capabilities, virtual hand raising, chatting abilities and a post conference report. The interactive features are easy to use and available once you connect your audio calls to web conferencing. Everything is displayed in real time and allows the participants and the presenter to communicate efficiently.

Ease of Use:

Once you have logged into the system and you are ready to begin making conference calls you have several options. To the right of your account balance and conference code are four-tabs that allow you to select from Audio Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Recent Calls and Order History. When you select the option that will allow you to schedule a conference call the system provides step by step instructions on how to accomplish your task.

Once you have scheduled or begun a conference call the system opens up an area providing your call details: time remaining on your account and current status of your call. After the host has connected to one participant the conference call has officially begun. On this page there are also options where you can add another person to the conference, start your web conference and end the call. The interface is clean and very easy to use and navigate.

Help & Support:

We sent an email to their customer support team regarding questions that we had with their features and we never received a response from them. We tried the toll-free number provided on their website and after a few call transfers we were able to get in touch with a representative who was able to answer all of our questions regarding their service. The service offers tutorials and frequently asked questions that we found very helpful in regards to becoming more accustomed with the product.


There were several key features that did not offer to their users: audio broadcast and multi-point videos being two of the major ones we were looking for. Overall, the conference call system worked smoothly but again, lacked the features and abilities that would give it a higher ranking. If you choose to use this service you will find it easy to use and very user oriented.

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