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Friday, 9 November 2012

Commonly Asked Delphi Interview Questions and Answers

Commonly Asked Delphi Interview Questions and Answers

Here is the list of commonly asked delphi interview questions with their answers.

1) State and explain about Delphi?

Delphi is a product of Borland international. This powerful language tool is useful to create applications for Windows and it is primarily useful to create client side and server side applications. Cross platform compatibility is also a main feature of Delphi. It is an object oriented language and it is used to create applications with minimal coding.

Delphi is a software development package created by Borland, and now owned by Borland's subsidiary, code gear.

Delphi is distributed in various versions with different features and prices: Personal, Professional, Enterprise (formerly Client/Server) and Architect.

2) How do you work with INI files in Delphi?

These files are very useful when creating applications under cross platform. These files are very useful to create cross platform applications. Delphi uses .INI format in the form of .dsk file which makes a user to store important information about desktop. Comments can be added by specifying a semicolon. Also they are separated by an equal to sign.

3) Explain about Delphi`s VCL?

Delphi is easier to use rather than the API`s. It has strong windows connection and Borland has made things possible for portability on windows. It has a strong library and it maps windows 32. It supports API`s for properties and events. Borland is taking enough measures for back portability for windows.

4) Explain about the Delphi IDE?

Delphi has a very sophisticated drag and drop controls. With Delphi IDE you can create rich applications for windows. With its IDE you can compile, debug, and design your projects. It has a main window which has lots and lots of buttons which perform different functions on your project. Through this main window you give title to your project. There is also a component section through which you can select different component functions which can perform various task.

5) What are packages in Delphi?

Packages can make the size of your program (.exe) much smaller. Borland package libraries are dll files which provide extension for programs so that they can be executed. When you specify a certain extension to a program, it makes your hard disk to locate those types of files very easily. Packages contain Delphi components which are visual and easy to operate.

6) Explain about the textual description of the form?

This form describes the properties, properties of the components and the components for itself. This is known as the binary file and this contains description of the different types present. This has been introduced in Delphi 5. On loading this file in the code editor of Delphi makes the program visual in text form. This is not a text file but gives you wrong impression about it being a text form.

7) Explain about DPR?

Apart from two important files (PAS and DFM) there is a third file known as (DPR) or Delphi project file. Delphi project file is automatically built by the compiler. There are two ways to edit the file one is through manually and the other is through Delphi project manager. The source file which you will be seeing is a Pascal source file. All the commands which are describing the file can be seen here.

8) Describe about help file in Delphi?

Help command in Delphi is very resourceful either to a professional or to a beginner. Different properties, functions and methods are listed in the help section for each component. Also the help properties, functions and methods are described in the form of Acrobat adobe reader. There are also tips and hints for programmers which help you in programming Delphi. You can search the help file for different support functions.

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