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How to Use AT&T Conference Calling?

How to Use AT&T Conference Calling?

Conference calls can be immensely useful to your business, allowing different offices or different project teams to all participate in the same conversation. AT&T offers three different options for how you can use their conference calling service, and all of the options are designed to be as convenient as possible for you.


1. Decide which AT&T conference calling option you wish to use. You can choose automatic dial-in (in which each member of the call dials a special number and is automatically connected), operator-assisted dialing (in which you call each member of the call with the assistance of an AT&T operator) or operator-dialed connection (in which you supply the numbers of each member to an AT&T operator and the operator calls and connects them for you).

2. Get each member of the conference call to dial the conference call number at the appointed time if you choose automatic dial-in. Should you choose one of the other options, then you will need to have all the members of the call by their phone at the appointed time so that they can receive the call.

3. Instruct the members to be by their phone at the appointed time so that they can receive the call should you choose operator-assisted dialing or operator-dialed connection.

4. Tell each member to hang up the phone and to be disconnected when the conference call has ended (or when the participation of certain members has ended).

5. Should you need to add additional members or reconnect members who accidentally disconnected from the conference call, you can have them dial in (if using the automatic dial-in option) or call them and they will be added to the conference call just as the original members were at the beginning.

Tips & Warnings

1. Be sure to double-check the times of the conference call beforehand, especially if the call members are in different time zones.

2. If you encounter difficulty with your conference call, contact an AT&T operator, who will be able to assist you, regardless of the type of conference call you are using.

3. As an alternative to standard conference calling, AT&T also offers online web meeting services that operate in the same manner, but require the participants to log into a website for the conference instead of it taking place over the phone.

4. As with all phone-related services, fees will apply for conference calls; with AT&T, these fees are charged per minute, per connection

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