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Infinite Conference Calling Service Provider Features Review

Infinite Conference Calling Service Provider Features Review

This article provides a detailed review of the Infinite Conference Calling Service Provider. It lists various features and business benefits of Infinite Conference Calling Service Provider.  

When you sign up with Infinite, you will get a dedicated account manager who will be there to answer any questions you may have. They can also help with technical support. This is useful because your account manager will get to know you, you company and your needs and take care of any issues that may arise.

You can either start a conference call right away with a reservationless call, or plan ahead with an operator-assisted call. This kind of flexibility makes it easy to schedule a regular status update meeting or call an emergency meeting about some exciting news. Either way, you're going to find that Infinite Conferencing is very easy to use. Additionally, whether you use reservationless or operator-assisted, you always have the option to record the meeting or dial *0 for operator assistance.

Reservationless conference calling is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Infinite Conferencing also features redundant bridges and multiple network carriers. This makes it so your call can go on uninterrupted, even if one of the bridges or networks goes down.

By default, reservationless conference calling has a limit of 100 people. If you're planning on a conference of more than 100 people, however, operator-assisted phone conferencing can support up to 1,000 participants. In addition, Infinite Conferencing informed us that if you needed room for more people, you could contact them and they would be able to accommodate your needs. It is this kind of flexibility that makes Infinite even more impressive.

When you create a reservation for an operator-assisted conference call, you get a free wallet card for each user. A wallet card is exactly what it sounds like; it's a card you can physically put in your wallet with all the relevant information regarding the meeting, including the toll-free dial-in number, the participant passcode and the Chairperson passcode, if applicable. A wallet card gives you the freedom to join the conference from your office phone, your home phone, your cell phone or wherever else you may be.

When using an operator-assisted call, your group can be greeted by a live operator or by a branded greeting, customized to promote your company. You can also customize the phone number that people will dial to get into the conference. For example, you could use the company's name in the number, which gives a highly professional appearance to the guests of the conference call.

During an operator-assisted call, the operator monitors the call to ensure that everything goes smoothly. If you are participating in a reservationless call, you can dial *0 for support at anytime. This kind of support will give you peace of mind that your conference call can go as smoothly as possible.

There are a number of touchtone commands you can use in order to control the conference call. Most of these include the * key and the # key along with a number. *6, for example, will mute your line and #2 will count the number of participants. Sometimes it gets a little confusing to remember whether to hit the pound key or the star key, but they have a list of the touchtone commands on their site and you can always hit #0 to get a list of commands available to you.

If you hit *8 during the call, you will be given the option to record the conference. You can choose to record the entire conference call or only record a portion by hitting *8 again to end the recording. After the conference is finished, Infinite Conferencing will send you a recording of the call. This recording is available for 30 days, and you can save it on your computer for future reference. The audio quality of our recording was a little uneven, with some voices coming in much louder than others.

Finally, if you need a little more than an audio conference, simply speak to your dedicated account manager to set up a web conference account. This will enable you to do a visual presentation, while keeping the user-friendly functionality and prime customer support of Infinite Conferencing.

File Sharing:

When using Infinite Conferencing's web conference function, you can easily share files with your participants. You can upload documents to the presentation and display them in real time or send them directly to your guests. You can also share either your whole desktop or just a specific application so the participants can see what you're seeing. Additionally, you can even take control of one of your guest's computers – with permission, of course – to further enhance the demonstration.

Interactive Abilities:

Furthermore, when using Infinite's web conferencing service along with their conference calling service, you can do such things as polling, chat, surveys and more. Either you can choose to use a phone for the audio connection, or you can choose to use VoIP, which sends the audio through the computer. Infinite Conferencing does not offer a whiteboard function, but they do offer annotation tools and a highlighter to emphasize certain aspects of your presentation.

Ease of Use:

Infinite Conferencing is very easy to use. Whether you're setting up a meeting for three people or 300 people, the process is simple. It is also easy to record the conference call and then Infinite will send you the recording for your records and an email summary of the conference call information. There are also billing code options to separate your invoices, and there's a cost center breakdown on the invoice, which is helpful for expense reports and budgeting.

Help & Support:

We contacted Infinite Conferencing by phone, by email and using their live chat feature. Regardless of which support route we took, we got the answers that we needed. Their FAQs page was very helpful and answered many of the questions we had. When using the live chat there was not an immediate response, which was disappointing, and we had to wait almost 10 minutes for an operator to join the conversation. However, once we were connected to an operator, they were able to answer many of the questions we asked.


Overall, we were quite impressed with the simplicity and the functionality of this conference call service. They make it easy to start a conference call or plan one in advance. They also back up their easy-to-use interface with quality customer service. Moreover, if needed, you can easily transition between conference calling and web conferencing. If you're looking for an easy way to hold a professional conference call, then Infinite Conferencing is an excellent choice.

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