Saturday, 3 November 2012

How to Make a Conference Call With Verizon?

How to Make a Conference Call With Verizon?

Whether you need to discuss a project with a designer and vendor simultaneously, or coordinate lunch plans with your two best friends, it's easy to set up a three-way conference call using your Verizon cell phone. With just a few simple steps, you can get all the parties on the same line, at the same time, even if they are not Verizon customers.

Instructions Setting Up a Three-Way Conference Call

1. First make sure that you have three-way calling enabled on your account.

2. Dial the first participant in your three-way conference call. When the person answers, let him or her know you are setting up a conference call.

3. Dial the 10-digit telephone number of the second participant and press "Send." The first person you dialed is put on hold automatically when you dial your second contact.

4. When the second call connects, simply press "Send" again, and you will both be connected with the first participant. If the second participant is not available for the call, just press "Send" twice to disconnect and return to your first contact.

5. If one participant wants to leave the call, he or she can hang up and you can continue your call with the other party.

6. When your call is complete, hang up.

Tips & Warnings

1. To make the best use of people's time, you may want to let your participants know about the conference call ahead of time so they are ready and available for the call. Be sure to let both participants know they are on a three-way call.

2. Be aware that you are responsible for the airtime of all three calls. Make sure that you understand your calling plan rates to avoid surprises on your bill. Call-waiting will not be available while you are on your three-way call. Anyone trying to reach you will receive a busy signal or, depending on other features included in your calling plan, will go to your voicemail or call-forwarding designation.

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