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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Free Online Maths Games for Kids to Play

Free Online Maths Games for Kids to Play

We have collected loads of fantastic free online maths games for kids to help your kids practise maths skills including counting, addition and subtraction, times tables, fractions, measuring, shapes, angles, telling the time and lots more.

Why to play free online maths games for kids?

To make progress in maths, it's important to master the basics. There's no point trying to learn to add when you haven't yet learnt how to count, and it's very hard to understand times tables when you can't yet add.

The trouble is, maths skills need quite a lot of practice before they become automatic. Practising maths skills over and over again can be rather boring. That's where playing maths games can help. There are so many different games to help you master all the different maths skills that learning maths becomes fun!

Some of the top and most played free online maths games for kids are:

1. Gingerbread Man Counting Maths Game

This is a simple counting game from WMNET which covers numbers up to five. All you have to do is count the number of cherries on the gingerbread man, then click the correct number. Click the check button and you'll get a cheer and a happy gingerbread and if you're right. If not, don't worry, just have another go.

2. Funky Mummy Addition Maths Game

One of our favourite games from ICT Games. Click Next and an addition question will appear at the top of the screen. Click on the right answer and a mummy will pop out and do a funky dance for you.

3. Smarteenies Shape Store Maths Game

In this CBeebies game you can choose to match easy or hard pictures, or create your own on a blank screen. The aim is to choose shapes and colours which match the guide picture. In the harder levels, you also have to rotate and resize the shape. When you've finished, you can animate your picture and print it out.

4. Clockwise Time Maths Game

In this BBC Education game you can choose three levels. Level 1 is for o'clock times only, level 2 uses 15 minute intervals and level 3 five minute intervals. A time is displayed at the top and you have to move the hands by clicking on the clock face. As the clock face changes, the digital clock shows the matching time. Nice sound effects!

5. Fraction Flags Maths Game

Before starting this game from Oswego you can choose whether to make your flag with halves, quarters or a mixture of fractions. Then you can design your own flag by painting it in the chosen colours, making sure you colour the correct number of squares to match the fraction.

There are a lot of websites which provide free online maths games for kids to play. Some of those websites we have listed below.


Above website for kids provide all kinds of online free maths games for kids to play.

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