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InterCall Conference Calling Service Provider Features ReviewInterCall Conference Calling Service Provider Features Review

InterCall Conference Calling Service Provider Features Review

This article provides a detailed review of the  InterCall Conference Calling Service Provider . It lists various features and business benefits of  InterCall Conference Calling Service Provider

InterCall 2012 conference call services do not provide multiparty videoconferencing because we enjoyed using the other features that were provided. We were eager to see what this conference call service provider had to offer and we were not disappointed in the program. They still offer audio broadcast, 24-hour system access, blocked entry, multiple presenter controls, a participant list, conference call recording and replay, and automated invites and RSVPs. All of the options were well developed and we really felt like we had a high quality product on our hands.

File Sharing:

While you are in the process of starting your web conference call, the conference call services will provide you with a popup window asking what you would like to share when the meeting begins. This provider allows their users to share documents, applications and entire desktops as well as show presentations and other materials. As the conference continues, you can change the screen at any point in time to display your choice of material.

Interactive Abilities:

We were pleased to find all of the interactive abilities that we were looking to find in a good web conference service. Each of the options is located through a menu bar on the call screen and is easily accessible for users. Creating polls, surveys and quizzes is convenient and easy, and all results can be shared in real time.

Ease of Use:

One of the downfalls of InterCall is the required download it takes to use their services. Where most web conference services are available through the internet, this one requires a download before use. Once the program is available on your computer and you have signed in as a host, you have complete access to the interface. The system is well designed and all options are clearly labeled so new users can navigate around easily. There is a toolbar down the left hand side of the window which provides icons and titles for each available feature in the following categories: Ad hoc Meeting, Conferencing, Resources, Reports, Setup and Assistance. Once you have entered a conference, similar icons and a menu will appear on your screen for use. Although this menu is not as clear as the menu on the previous page, users are able to easily access the features and tools they are seeking.

Help & Support:

While reviewing the web conferencing features, we tested their help and customer support staff. We found that some of the customer support options include a phone number and email. We sent an email inquiring about the services they offer and we never received a response from them. We feel like they need to hire additional customer support representatives to assist in answering phone calls as well as responding to emails. We also feel that their service could be improved with chat capabilities.


InterCall is a good conference call service provider; they have a well-designed web conferencing service that will allow users to perform a number of features and have access to a variety of tools. Although they are still a good choice for web conferencing, there are better options available for facilitating your web conferences.

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