Friday, 2 November 2012

Features of Online Premium Conference Calling Services

Features of Online Premium Conference Calling Services

In Online Premium Conference Calling participants dial in on a premium-rate number such as a toll free number in the US. The conference is typically hosted by the party that perceives value in the call in order to justify the cost: this could be a business owner, a non-profit board member, an educator, lawyer, or expert in any given field. That person then usually pays for the cost of the call. Premium conferencing can also be used for charitable fundraisers.

Premium Conferencing Features

1. Reservationless or operator assisted conferencing
2. Host pin's
3. Name announce
4. Roll-call (unique and superior)
5. Moderator/participant codes
6. Live web-based call management with mute/unmute, drop one/all, and dial out
7. Recording with .wav file access through your online account
8. High-quality on-demand transcriptions (with 4-hour turnaround on request)
9. Customizable, "branded" greetings(unique)
10. Broadcast mode
11. Q&A facilitation
12. Polling and polling reports
13. Sub-conferencing
14. Dial-out with or without requested response

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